Become an Airline Pilot: A Step-by-Step Guide

Become an Airline Pilot: A Step-by-Step Guide

We all might have seen airplanes flying in the sky and dreaming about flying them one day. However, only a few get the chance to fly them. Sitting in the cockpit and flying an aircraft gives the thrill, but it comes with the responsibility to keep passengers, crew, and cargo safe. Avyanna Aviation Academy is an aviation institute helping you to fulfill your dream. We offer you a wide range of programs, so you can fulfill your dream and pass the criteria set by DGCA to become an airline pilot. This blog will explore the process, eligibility criteria, and more to become an airline pilot.

What Does an Airline Pilot Do?

A pilot is a skilled professional responsible for the navigation and operation of an aircraft. All pilots steer the flight path using specialized equipment and control the airplane’s movement. They ensure the safety and security of passengers and goods while flying passengers. Pilots are responsible for the lives of passengers, so they need to undergo meticulous training during the pilot course and adhere to safety protocols.

Aviation courses teach pilots to handle emergencies, communicate effectively, and adapt to changing circumstances. In the cockpit, two pilots work together to ensure the safety of the aircraft. However, you need special training to fly some special aircraft. For instance, you need a multi-engine rating to fly multi-engine aircraft.

Time Requires to Become a Pilot

Generally, becoming an airline pilot might take 2-4 years, but timing can vary based on the requirements, such as commercial, private, or military. Commercial pilots are responsible for flying the aircraft for private organizations. They also work in several industries, and it takes the maximum time to become a commercial pilot, as 200 hours of flight training is mandatory. The private pilot license has limited use as a private pilot can fly the aircraft but can’t fly for remuneration, and DGCA has set 50 hours of flight training as mandatory.

Steps to Become an Airline Pilot

If you dream of becoming an airline pilot, you must go through several steps. Avyanna Aviation Academy is an aviation institute academy helping you to become a pilot with its pilot course. With our course, you can earn a commercial pilot license easily.

  • Obtain Private Pilot Certificate

The first thing to do is to earn a private pilot license from a DGCA-approved institute. It is similar to a driver’s license that allows you to fly the aircraft without earning a remuneration. However, you can take your family and friends for rides. You should enroll yourself in aviation courses from DGCA-approved institutes. DGCA has approved us and we offer you flight training, theory examination, cross-country flying, radio telephony communication, and ICAO language proficiency. Your age should be at least 16 years, and you must have passed class 10th or equivalent with 55% of the mark to enroll in a private pilot training course. The pilot course of Avyanna Aviation Academy guides you through the basics of flight methods, aircraft maneuvers, navigation, flight planning, and emergency training.

  • Add Instrument Rating

Once you obtain the Private Pilot Licence (PPL), add an instrument rating to your resume to fly a plane under Instrument Flight Rule (IFR). It is one of the most valuable ratings as you will learn to fly the plane in different weather conditions and altitudes. This also teaches you how to contact air traffic control. It can also create opportunities in the future if you want to be a flight instructor.

  • Earn a Commercial Pilot License

Next is to earn a commercial pilot license to leverage the opportunity and make a career as a pilot. This certificate allows you to fly a plane with goods or passengers, and a pilot with a commercial pilot license can also fly a plane during a rescue mission. However, it takes time, as DGCA has set 200 hours of flight experience as mandatory. 

  • Get a Flight Instructor Certificate 

Adding a flight instructor rating is one’s choice. Many pilots want to share their knowledge and experience with student pilots, so they become flight instructors. DGCA has set 20 hours of flight experience to apply for a flight instructor-rated pilot course over and above your CPL. The flight experience includes 100 hours of pilot-in-command and 25 hours of cross-country flying experience.

  • Gain Experience and Flight Hours

If you want to get the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate, gain the relevant flight experience set by DGCA. The minimum flying requirement is 1500 hours.

  • Obtain Airline Transport Pilot Certificate

ATP is the highest level of certification issued by DGCA, and once you meet the criteria, you can apply for the certificate.

How Can Avyanna Aviation Academy Help You Become an Airline Pilot?

Avyanna Aviation Academy is an aviation training institute located in Kishangarh. You can get a competitive edge with our state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled training programs. We are located at the best location that offers the ideal weather conditions, maximizing your training opportunities. In our aviation courses, you unlock your true potential.

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