Our Programs

Commercial Pilot License

Unlocking the skies to a world of exciting opportunities and fulfilling your dreams of becoming a commercial pilot.

Foreign License Conversion

Empowering international pilots to effortlessly transition their skills and qualifications to meet Indian aviation standards.

Flight instructor rating
Flight Instructor Rating

Elevate your aviation journey as a Flight Instructor, where you leave a lasting impact on the next generation of flyers.

Private Pilot License

Empower yourself with the wings to soar, explore, and conquer the skies as a certified Private Pilot.

Multi Engine Rating

Expand your aviation capabilities in a world of advanced piloting skills and enhancing your career opportunities in the sky.

English Language Proficiency

Enhance your language, bridging the communication gap for seamless interactions in the global aviation community.

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Certainly! We'd be happy to provide you with more information about our flight school. Could you please specify what specific details or aspects you would like to know more about? This will help me provide you with the most relevant and useful information.

General questions

Certainly! Here are some general FAQs about our flight school:
The duration varies depending on the program. Our representatives will provide you with specific details based on your chosen program.
Our flight instructors are highly qualified and hold valid certifications from DGCA regulatory authorities. They have extensive flight experience and are dedicated to providing top-quality training.
We have a diverse fleet of well-maintained training aircraft, including single- engine and multi-engine aircraft. Our fleet is equipped with modern avionics to provide you with an exceptional training experience.
Training schedules are typically flexible and can be tailored to accommodate your availability. Our scheduling team works closely with students to create personalized training plans.
We do not offer financing options and scholarships. But our team can provide you with detailed information on the available options and guide you through the application process.
Absolutely! We welcome students from around the world. We have specific programs and support services designed to assist international students with visa requirements, accommodations, and other necessary arrangements.
Yes, we encourage prospective students to visit our flight school and tour our facilities. It will give you an opportunity to meet our team, see the training aircraft, and get a sense of the learning environment. Please contact us to schedule a visit.
These are just a few general FAQs. If you have any specific questions or would like more detailed information about any aspect of our flight school, please let us know, and we'll be glad to assist you further.
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