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Multi-Engine Rating in Jodhpur

Pilot Multi Engine Rating Course in Jodhpur: Enhancing Aviation Skills With Avyanna Aviation

Jodhpur, a city in India, has emerged as a center for aviation enthusiasts who want to enhance their knowledge and skills. One particular course that stands out is the Pilot Multi-Engine Rating Course, which offers opportunities for pilots seeking to expand their expertise and capabilities. This course provides training on the complexities of flying twin-engine aircraft, focusing on skills like engine management and control.

Avyanna Aviation, our aviation institution approved by DGCA, takes pride in offering the Pilot multi engine rating course in Jodhpur. With a team of instructors and well-equipped facilities, we aim to fuel the passion for flight training among other aspiring pilots.

Course Description

Our Multi Engine Rating Course for Pilot in Jodhpur

At Avyanna Aviation, we take pride in our Pilot multi engine rating course in Jodhpur. Our primary focus is to train pilots with precision in flying the Multi Engine Aircraft Diamond DA 42 NG. The course is thoughtfully designed to provide an understanding of engine management, control, and handling.

As an aviation institution approved by DGCA, we prioritize meeting all requirements and standards for Pilot multi engine flight training in Jodhpur. Our expertise in training pilots to fly the Multi Engine Aircraft Diamond DA 42 NG and our commitment to safety has made us one of the choices for pilots looking to expand their expertise and capabilities.

Course Curriculum and Training

At Avyanna Aviation, we strictly adhere to the regulations and curriculum set by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for our multi engine rating course for pilot in Jodhpur. It’s worth mentioning that the course structure and training for engine rating may differ based on the specific program and regulations in different countries.

  • Our course consists of two stages: ground training and flight training. We cover aircraft systems, aerodynamics, regulations, and emergency procedures during ground training.
  • The main objective is to train pilots to fly the Diamond DA 42 NG Multi-Engine Aircraft.
  • Flight training is conducted on the Diamond DA 42 NG Multi-Engine Aircraft. The duration of the course may vary depending on each applicant’s objectives.
  • We recommend a minimum of 15 hours of flight time on the engine aircraft and 10 hours of simulator training using an approved Multi-Engine Simulator.
  • Additionally, our course includes training in Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) and Jet Orientation Course (JOC).

It’s essential to highlight that our multi engine course for pilot in Jodhpur strictly adheres to the syllabus and regulations provided by DGCA.

Requirements and Eligibility

  • Age: Must be at least 17 years old.
  • Pilot’s License: Must hold a valid private pilot license (PPL) or commercial pilot license (CPL). 
  • Flight Experience: Must have a certain amount of flight experience, which may include a minimum number of flight hours and experience in specific aircraft types.
  • Medical Certificate: Must hold a valid medical certificate issued by an authorized medical examiner.
  • Practical Test: Must pass a practical test, including a flight test with an examiner, to demonstrate the ability to operate a multi-engine aircraft safely and proficiently.
  • DGCA Exam: Must clear the DGCA exam for the specific aircraft by the applicant.

Our Expertise at Pilot Multi Engine Training Institute in Jodhpur

At Avyanna Aviation – the Pilot multi engine training institute in Jodhpur, we pride ourselves on our expertise. Our dedicated team of instructors who possess experience in the field provide training to enhance aviation skills. With our well-equipped facilities and advances like Diamond DA 42 NG Multi-Engine Aircraft, our students receive a top-notch education and valuable hands-on experience in engine flying.

Take Your Aviation Career to New Heights With Avyanna Aviation

Are you prepared to soar to new horizons? Enroll in our Pilot multi engine flight training program in Jodhpur and enhance your aviation abilities. With a rounded curriculum and skilled instructors, we will give you the tools for success. Whether you’re looking for PPL to CPL conversion in Jodhpur or aiming to elevate your aviation career, all your needs are covered.

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