Reasons to Become a Pilot

Reasons to Become a Pilot


For most commercial pilots, this is a dream career. They often say that they are getting paid for doing what they love and doing it in the world’s best office, their cockpit.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Become A Pilot:

1. Job Security
The demand for pilots is rising. In fact, experts estimate that the need for pilots has steadily surpassed the supply, and will continue to do so for years to come. With that in mind, there’s no better time to become a pilot.
2. Salary and Health Benefits

Aviation careers  allow for substantial growth opportunities. Nearly all airlines offer standard annual raises, along with health benefits

3. Other Economic Benefits
Some airlines even pay for your accommodation, so you can spend your salary on whatever you wish.
4. Free Time
Most pilots use this time to connect with their family, take vacations, or just relax. Because of the nature of the job, commercial pilots are entitled to 1-2 weeks off per month which means they have the rest of the month to enjoy themselves.
5. Diversification
There is a great variety of pilot related jobs besides reaching the level of Captain. There are pilot ground instructors, pilot managers, pilot simulator instructors, fleet manager etc.
6. Meet New People
As a pilot, you will constantly have the opportunity to meet new people. From your flight crew, to passengers, to residents of the cities you visit, you’ll be introduced to people and cultures you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to become acquainted with.
7. Great View
Not many people in the world can say they have an office in the clouds. Nothing beats the view from a cockpit. Most pilots say it’s a view they never grow tired of.
8. Love to Travel
Traveling is one of the major perks of this career. With free time between flights, pilots have the chance to explore new cities and spend time meeting new people and discovering different cultures and languages. The commercial pilot job will expand your horizons and leave you with some astonishing experiences.
9. Challenge Yourself
This career requires continuous learning. Achieving your commercial pilot’s license is just the beginning. There are many careers in aviation that offer advancement through many different levels. Each level has its own degree of learning with different outcomes which will challenge you throughout your entire employment lifecycle.
10. Travel Discounts for Family and Friends
Most commercial pilots will have access to discounted (sometimes free) plane tickets for friends and family. And in addition to airfare, a number of hotels provide discounted prices for their rooms and services.

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