Which Is the Best Aviation Course?

Which Is the Best Aviation Course?

Becoming an airline pilot can be a fulfilling career aspiration with opportunities for professional growth. While the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) mandates a degree for aspiring pilots, aviation companies generally prefer candidates with bachelor’s degrees in related fields. This article aims to provide insights into types of aviation courses enabling you to identify the path to achieve your ambitions.

Many aviation academies available in India are home to hundreds of ambitious pilots and trainees. The excellent training centers are known for their reputation because of their excellent, skilled instructors. The best centers are dedicated to providing exceptional education in all flight training areas.

Types of Aviation Courses

Aviation courses are designed to offer training and expertise across aviation industry sectors. These programs incorporate flight training, onboard avionics, aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, aeronautical engineering, safety protocols, weather analysis, communication skills, and GPS navigation, based on every individual’s interests. Here, we have listed various types of aviation training programs and courses:-

Bachelor in Business Administration in Airport Management

This program focuses on running and managing the function of the airport, training the students to take on managerial and administrative positions in the airport. It is a UG program that covers various topics, such as airport management, accounting, financial management, marketing, safety management, etc., during its three-year period.

Bachelor in Science (Aviation)

Bachelor in Science (Aviation) is a three-year UG program covering Navigation, Air Regulations, Meteorology, Aircraft and engine, Air traffic control, Ground Operations, etc. Interested candidates can also opt for the CPL training program. 

Private Pilot Training Course

PPL course in India is a six to eight-month DGCA-approved training program covering various fundamental aviation topics, such as flight preparation, traffic patterns, navigation, emergency procedures, etc. This type of program enables the trainees to obtain a Private Pilot License, which allows them to work with top domestic aviation companies like Air India, India Jet, Airways, etc.

Commercial Pilot Training Course

The aviation industry has various opportunities for students. However, the CPL flight training program is considered one of the most glamorous and rewarding; once finished, this course ensures that you land a rewarding job. This training program involves practical training alongside theoretical aspects of aviation. At the end of the program, students are rewarded with CPL.

Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training

With the increased number of flights worldwide, the demand for ground staff and cabin crew has also increased. This program requires committed and hard-working candidates with good communication skills. This program equips the students with industrial experience during the internship program. Many students opt for this program due to the high salary and the new innovative experience of flying to several countries. The program can be from six months to somewhere around 12 months.

Aeronautical Engineering

The four-year BE/B Tech program in aeronautical engineering is technical. It will also help you obtain employment in a reputed aviation industry like Hindustan aeronautics limited (HAL) or defense contractors like DRDO. Aeronautical engineering mainly focuses on airplanes’ development, production, and upkeep. Private carriers will take on graduates. Being an aeronautical engineer opens many doors to work as a chief engineer, researcher, development engineer, or design engineer in renowned aviation industries.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

The technical training program for AME’s aviation course lasts three years. The academic course of study lasts for 2.5 years. Students must also complete a six-month internship program after completing their educational program. The DGCA will grant an AME license after completing the academic program and the internship. The inspection, maintenance, and service of aircraft are the responsibilities of aircraft maintenance engineers. Both government and private airplanes frequently use licensed AME specialists. Aviation businesses and companies that maintain aircraft.

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