Why Choose AAA

For those of you that want to train as a pilot, the decision of choosing the right aviation school is a challenging one. There is a variety of schools available worldwide, which offers the training needed to become an airline pilot.

In addition to the specific training courses, there are several quality factors a prospective student has to consider when choosing a flight school.

Why Choose AAA

  1. AAA is located at Kishangarh Airport, which lies in the region of North Western India. It sees great weather for flying throughout the year and is located only 30 km from Ajmer city (Rajasthan). This region, even during the winter & monsoon months, does not experience any visibility/fog issues, whereas rest of the Northern India has extensive visibility issues.
  2. Flight training at AAA is conducted at Commercially operational Kishangarh Airport. The advantage of training at an airport is huge & allow trainee Pilots to experience & develop skills in a truly professional airline environment, with regular in person interactions with operational pilots.
  3. Avyanna Aviation’s personnel (managers, instructors and engineers) have extensive experience in training professional pilots and taking care of the unique needs of Domestic and International students.
  4. All our unique flight training programs are designed by highly experienced aviation professionals who have extensive knowledge of the aviation industry & are intimately familiar with the employment needs of newly certified pilots.
  5. We believe that in order to be able to climb to the top, you need an access to the top consulting personnel. AAA provides its students with continues consulting support by the active airline pilots. Only highly experienced pilots can give a real expert advise on how to develop your career.
  6. Our culturally diverse environment facilitates the co-existence and cooperation between Domestic and International students despite their cultural differences and encourages them to strive for excellence. This is very important since graduate pilots will likely have to work with people from/of diverse cultures throughout their Career.
  7. Our fully integrated Pilot Training Program transform students into strong, decisive, skilled Pilots capable of operating in the commercial & corporate sector.
  8. Rajasthan holds its place as one of the most beautiful state in the country with wonderful Forts, Desert, Lake and Countryside. During flight training, students will have the chance to visit several of these sights, thus making training a much more enjoyable experience.
  9. The training programs at AAA have been designed to deliver airline ready pilots who are well matched to the changing demands of the airline industry.
  10. Modern student accommodation right in the middle of the student campus.
  11. Air conditioned and IT enabled ground school
  12. Large Glass cockpit fleet
  13. Superior Fleet of Piper and piper archer dx Aircrafts and Flight Simulators.
  14. Single and Multi-engine simulators
  15. Continuous availability of Multi-Engine Airplanes which guarantees uninterrupted flight training.
  16. In-house Maintenance Centre approved by DGCA.

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