How Much Does It Cost to Complete the Training of Commercial Pilot Licence Course?

How Much Does It Cost to Complete the Training of Commercial Pilot Licence Course?

A commercial pilot license is one of the most demanded licenses in India as it offers you the career opportunity to earn an opulent way of life. However, earning a commercial pilot license in India is intricate. That’s where a pilot training program comes into the picture, helping you get the necessary training to become a pilot in command. Moreover, most students ask, “How much cost is required to become a pilot?” In this blog, we will provide the information by determining all the factors that will help you get the exact number.

What Is a Commercial Pilot License?

A commercial pilot license in India is provided by DGCA to fly an aircraft carrying passengers or for other reasons and get paid for it. A commercial pilot can work as a pilot-in-command or as a co-pilot. CPL pilot training has become popular among students as it aids them in becoming commercial pilots. However, a student pilot needs to complete a minimum of 6 months or one year of training, and they can apply for a full-time role in the private or government sector.

Cost of Commercial Pilot License Training

Cost is a prominent factor in every industry, including aviation, and one needs to pay for various things to get a commercial pilot license.

Aircraft Rentals

Aircraft owners charge per hour, and you need to pay the rental cost indirectly. Depending on the type of training school, some also include the fuel cost and offer you the types of plane according to the price you pay to the training school. Moreover, a larger and more complex plane might cost more money than smaller planes.

Flight Instructor Time

During the pilot training, a training school charges for the flight instruction time, and it is The flight instruction time consists of ground training and aircraft training.

Exam Fees

You need to pay the exam fees for the written exam to the DGCA. You must pay the designated pilot examiner(DPE) for the practical exam. Both exams are crucial to gain a commercial pilot license.

Cost Before Starting the Training

If you decide to join an aviation school for training, you must do a few things to remove all the obstacles. If you are an Indian citizen, gather the required documents to start the training. On the other hand, if you are not an Indian citizen, apply for approval to begin the flight training.

Ground School Cost

Ground school is crucial for student pilots as it teaches you the theory of aeronautics, helping you pass the DGCA exam. However, a student can take the course or prepare independently to prepare for the examination. If you take a course from an aviation school like Avyanna Aviation Academy, they will cover all the theoretical parts and allow you to pass the examination.

Student Pilot Cost

Once you demonstrate that they can fly the aircraft solo safely during the training, you can apply as a student pilot to DGCA. Getting the student pilot cost is free, but the required training to help you achieve the student pilot license is not. Moreover, a student pilot license is a path to getting a private pilot license.

Private Pilot License Cost

A private pilot license requires significant training from the affiliated institute that will charge you. When you apply for a private pilot license, you must fulfill a few requirements, such as flying at night, 50 hours of flight training, and flying cross-countries. You can enroll in a training program to help you gather all the necessary skills.

Instrument Rating Cost

Instrument rating is one of the most important things to add to a pilot resume as it opens a new world and allows you to fly legally. You need to pay the aviation training school as they help you prepare for the practical exam.

Commercial Pilot Cost

The cost of a commercial pilot license can vary depending on the types of training. One is for private pilots who want to advance their certifications by increasing their flight hours, and another is for starting from scratch. Training schools like Avyanna Aviation Academy aids you in gaining a commercial pilot license in India at a reasonable price.

Multi-Engine Rating Cost

Having a multi-engine rating opens up many opportunities for a pilot as they can fly the multi-engine flight. You need to pay the training cost to the training institute to gain the multi-engine rating cost. 

Flight Instructor Cost

For many people who want to share their learning with the student pilot, a flight instructor rating helps them to become an instructor. You must pay for the training course if you have a commercial pilot license and want to add the flight instructor rating to your resume.

Why Is Avyanna Aviation Academy the Best Training School?

Avyanna Aviation Academy is a training school helping you realize your dream. We have experienced instructors who have been in the industry for decades. We are committed to facilitating you with commercial pilot license training at a reasonable price. Apart from a commercial pilot license in India, we also offer various rating training programs. Reach out to us today to learn more about us!

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