Why Kishangarh?

Have a breath-taking experience at Kishangarh Airport with the fusion of Culture, traditions, and more. Delve deep into the richness of royalty, and heritage of the city, and satisfy your wanderlust with us! Here are some reasons why Kishangarh is a well-suited location for Pilot training:
  • Strategic Geographical Location: Kishangarh is situated in close proximity to major cities like Jaipur, Ajmer, and Jodhpur. Its central location within Rajasthan also makes it accessible to students from various parts of the state.
  • Favorable Weather Conditions: Kishangarh experiences favorable weather conditions, characterized by clear skies and minimal rainfall for a substantial part of the year. This aspect is crucial for flight training, as it allows for consistent flying operations and maximizes the number of training days available, resulting in reducing training duration.
  • Availability of Airspace: Kishangarh benefits from the availability of ample airspace for flight training purposes. The Kishangarh Airport, ensures access to runways, taxiways, and other necessary infrastructure for flight operations.
  • Infrastructural Development: Kishangarh has significant infrastructural development. The availability of accommodation options and essential amenities in the area ensures a comfortable living environment for students pursuing their flight training.
  • Cultural and Recreational Attractions: Kishangarh is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, historical sites, and picturesque landscapes. The presence of attractions like Marble Dump yard, the Kishangarh Fort and the famous Phool Mahal Palace can provide students with a vibrant and inspiring environment during their training.
These elements make Kishangarh an ideal place for setting up a flying school, providing an optimal environment for aspiring pilots to embark on their aviation journeys.
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